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  Spectrum Certified™ Job Preparation & Development


Your company is here to:

  • Future-proof your recruitment approach through neurodiverse inclusion

  • Refine process through continuous improvement & lean methodology

  • Enhance ROI through employee retention & reduced cost-of-turnover


Are you facing these common challenges?

  • Unsustainable Workforce: Create strong recruitment pipelines by engaging with a population that comprises 2.5% of the national population, over 80% of which are seeking dependable employment
  • Lack of Adaptability: Establish universal design to elevate the paradigm for temps, English as a Second Language (ESL), neurodivergent workers, and other workforce populations. 
  • Talent Waste: Free up your most nimble employees with the confidence in knowing that basic, necessary tasks can be supported through capable entry-level talent
  • Fractured Company Culture: Over 75% of workers identify a diverse workplace as a top priority in finding a new job. Is your company doing everything it can to create a truly inclusive culture?
  • Inefficiency in Operations: Blacklight areas of uncertainty and embed lean methodology through a savvy business solution that aligns with the autistic thought process


Our Signature 6-Step Spectrum Certified™ Process

1 – Job Analysis Deep Dive: 

  • Together we will examine all elements of the job and put an “autistic lens” on it to determine areas of improvement. 
  • Determine a structured workflow, to and from the employee, to relieve bottlenecks
  • Strategically identify “gray areas” that can be standardized through accessibility and structure


2 – Universal Standard Work & Spectrum Certified Support: 

  • Job Description
  • Standard Work
  • Application Process Guide
  • Daily Schedule
  • Call Off Procedure
  • Contact Chart
  • Workplace Behaviors & Policies
  • Additional custom support as needed


3 – Autism 101:

  •  An introduction to the concepts of supporting neurodivergent workers such as: 
    • Communication
    • Social skills
    • Sensory processing
    • Effective management 

4 – Candidate Tour & Skills Demonstration:

 A customized hiring approach that utilizes skill-matching to identify the best candidate for the job while establishing comfortability and allowing for an alternative to a traditional verbal interview. 


5 – Boots-on-the-Ground Coaching:

 We will strategically “pass-the-baton” to your managers so that they can confidently lead the neurodivergent new hire while receiving expert support and coaching from me and my team. 


6 – 90-Day Employee Success Plan: 

To maintain alignment, we will track the new hire’s productivity, attendance, comfortability, and overall integration. Utilizing surveys, we will identify any discrepancies between the experiences of the new hire and their manager and proactively problem-prevent.

Client Partners

Past & Present


Impact is driven through the strength of the client partnerships. Creating a seamless process for the employee is imperative in establishing comfortability early on. 


G&W Electric Co. – Bolingbrook, IL


Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. – Steeleville, IL & Perryville, MO


Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc. – Elk Grove Village, IL


Morrison Container Handling Solutions – Glenwood, IL




Our pricing is custom-tailored to meet your specific workforce needs, ensuring an ideal match for every job at a competitive rate. Each project consists of two components: 

Fixed Cost: This one-time fee covers environment preparation, staff training, and talent screening.

Variable Cost: The placement fee is determined based on starting wage and job complexity.

Ready to harness the power of neurodiversity and take your workforce to the next level? Let’s create a more inclusive, efficient, and innovative future together. Contact us today to start your Spectrum Certified™ journey.

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Strategic Partnerships

We’re on a mission to empower students from diverse backgrounds across Illinois by expanding mentorship opportunities. Our collaboration aims to bridge the gap between education and employment by engaging businesses in developing the future of the American workforce.

 Stannum Core Solutions is a proud member of Illinois Manufacturer’s Associate, which has been recognized by American Society of Associate Executives (ASAE) as one of “100 Associations That Will Save the World.” We are working to develop innovative solutions and employment pipelines that promote neurodiversity in the manufacturing industry, and create a more equitable and inclusive workplace for all. 

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