Meet The Founder

Ben Schatzel

Ben Schatzel is a human behaviorist, autism acceptance advocate, and disability labor reformist located in Chicago, IL.

After graduating with a degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of Kansas, Ben worked as a behavioral therapist in his hometown of Leavenworth, KS. It was during this time that he witnessed first-hand the “service cliff” that many neurodivergent youth and their families experience as they age out of the public school system.

In 2020, Ben turned towards innovative disability employment solutions. For two years, he worked alongside non-profits, high school transition programs, state rehabilitation services offices, universities, and like-minded disability employment agencies. These efforts helped shape the current vision for Stannum Core Solutions — to serve neurodivergent adults and their families as they work towards independence after exiting school.

Ben currently serves as a member of the Engagement Task Force for the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition: Education’s Associate Board, is a member of the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association, and award-winning speaker.


Courageously step into a new career.

Since 2022, Stannum Core Solutions has been committed to providing competitive, integrated employment opportunities to neurodivergent job seekers while meeting the business demands of client partners. This contrasts with traditional disability employment models which are predicated on sub-minimum wage, job carving, piece-rate compensation, and sheltered workshop environments. 

The Story


                    From Latin: noun




                    The central, innermost, or most essential part of something.

As a young boy growing up in Kansas, I found myself fascinated by the story of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.  Once a hard-working woodsman, the curse he received from the Wicked Witch of the West, a symbol of American industrialization, left him working harder and faster than his mind could comprehend. In the end, he became hollowed out and disconnected, replacing his lost pieces with tin

Today, neurodivergent individuals face similar challenges in the workplace, with outdated models leaving them undervalued and financially insecure. These traditional employment models for neurodivergent employees, such as sub-minimum wage and sheltered workshops, have resulted in a host of detrimental workplace conditions. Isolated work settings, inconsistent schedules, poor management, and other stressors have left individuals feeling financially insecure, undervalued, and hollow.

That’s why I believe in providing competitive, integrated employment opportunities that promote dignity and self-worth. These employees have skills comparable to, or exceeding, their neurotypical peers and in return ask only for a guiding hand and an understanding mind. 

The Tin Man’s quest for a heart reflects the importance of emotional connection and understanding in our lives. Similarly, neurodivergent individuals have been denied opportunities to connect with their workplace or enjoy the fruits of a fulfilling career. In the story, The Wizard recognized that what the Tin Man truly needed was not a physical heart, but rather the one thing that distinguishes the most noble of “good-deed-doers” – a testimonial.

                                                                                                                           – Ben Schatzel, Founder


Start from a place of strength

Custom Solutions

Customization is key, as every company, candidate, and job is unique. Clear performance expectations and predictability are essential for success. Here are some roles that can be a strong match for the neurodiverse workforce.

Data Entry

Matches skill sets such as data visualization, repetition in processing, an affinity for numbers, pattern recognition and independent work. 

Inventory Warehousing

Taps into the ability to understand and navigate warehouse spaces, pick and stock parts, document discrepancies, and communicate with team members. 

Production Assembly

Whether at a workstation or assembly line, these jobs are highly repetitive in nature. They are a good match for employees who thrive with consistency, step-by-step processes, and following directions.


As one of the last stops before shipping product to the customer, these jobs are a strong match for employees who can inspect parts and are comfortable working under a deadline.

Machine Operator

These jobs also tend to be highly repetitive in nature, but can be very fast-paced. Some problem solving skills may be required, so communication skills and following directions are key. 

& Many Others

The jobs listed here are just a sample of jobs that can be immediately applicable to a neurodiverse workforce. Ultimately, elements of consistency, communication, and process are critical when identifying areas of opportunity.


To positively impact the lives of neurodiverse job seekers and their families through specialized recruitment services, employment strategies, and career advocacy; Stannum Core Solutions aims to serve its business partners by positively impacting the cost of turnover, universal hiring strategy, and overall culture and inclusion. 


To build a labor market in which businesses acknowledge the abilities of neurodiverse job seekers in a wide range of industries and locations, and to consistently advocate for societal progress for all neurodivergent and disabled people.